NEWS & Upcoming Events

Kit/Gear return - Nov. 8th (Tues.)

We will be collecting kits next Tuesday (Nov. 8th) immediately after school in the big gym. Please ensure your kits have everything in them and that everything has been appropriately cleaned and washed. If you are missing any equipment, you may be find.

Location: Big Gym

Time: 4:00 (Immediately After School)

End of season banquet: 11/10

We will be celebrating our season in a pot-luck style dinner with awards, recognitions, and much more!

When: 7:30-9:00

Questions: Contact either Samuel Deitz or Nicole Tiley.

PRACTICEs: Mon.-fri. | 4:20-6:20

Practice will take place Monday-Friday from 4:20-6:20 each day that we are not scheduled for a game. Players are expected to be ready to play by 4:20. If you plan to be late, please contact your coach via phone call, text, email, or using the Band App.

Location: Because we share the turf with the football team, there will be days we are eligible to use it and days we cannot. If we can play on the turf field (east side of the school next to the athletic parking lot) we will. If we cannot, we will play on the grass cage field (north side of the school).