Practice Schedule

Teams will either practice on the Turf Field or on the Grass Cage Field. The schedule is not consistent on a week to week basis as we share the turf field with the football team and we navigate around one another's programs. We'll practice from 4:20-6:20pm Mondays-Thursdays and 4:00-6:00pm on most Fridays.

Please see the below practice schedule for the 2022 regular season.

10/17: Turf

10/19: Turf

10/20: Cage (Turf if available)

individual training

In addition to our daily team practices, players looking to improve their skills are encouraged to use the following training regiment on their own time.

This regiment functions as both a workout and a way to improve soccer touch.

I have endless individual and drills for small groups. Please let Coach Deitz know if you ever want additional training regiments.