NEWS & Upcoming Events


Dates: Feb. 27th (mon.), feb. 28th (Tues.), and march 1st (wed.)

where: fchs turf field

when: 4:20-6:20pm

what you need: orange card, register for soccer using the link below, to be prepared for the 120 fitness test (scroll down on this page for details)


We will be holding drop-ins every Monday and Wednesday from 8:30-10:00pm in the gyms at FCHS starting Monday, Jan. 9th. I know these hours are late, but this is what we are able to do since basketball is in-season during this time. Please wear flats to drop-ins. It is definitely worth picking up a pair of dedicated "turf shoes" or "soccer flats" for these indoor sessions. Tennis shoes can feel clunky and can definitely hinder growth and ability.

Mondays will be specifically dedicated to technical training and conditioning. These sessions will be aimed at improving player skills and getting into soccer shape.

Wednesdays will be for small sided futsal scrimmages. These sessions will give players the opportunity to showcase their skills in intense games. 

Fridays are when indoor league play will take place for those registered to those teams.

Drop-In Dates

120 Fitness Test

On the first day of tryouts, players will be asked to attempt the 120 Fitness Test.

Players will have 1 minute and 20 seconds to sprint end line to end line (120 yards) and jog back to the original starting line. If they have any remaining time left over from their sprint, they can use it to rest until the next 120 yard sprint begins. They will be expected to complete 10 of these 120 yard sprints, each within 1 minute and 20 seconds. The sprint portion of the 120 must be completed in 20 seconds or less each run.

If a player does not return to the line by the start of the next 120, they will be considered to have failed the test. They will still continue until they have completed all 10 120's. Once a player has successfully completed the 120 Fitness Test within the allotted time, they will be considered for team placement. Players that fail the test will repeat the test each day until they pass. Practicing and training for this test is highly recommended. Girls wanting to be considered for Varsity positions are expected to pass this test on the first attempt, though, we will still consider players who need multiple attempts to pass.

Why the 120 Fitness Test?

Most colleges use the 120 Fitness Test (or an equivalent test) for their boys and girls programs. It tests players' speed and endurance, and allows coaches to see where players stack up in regards to their fellow squad-mates. We want to raise the bar of our program and make our players and teams as competitive as possible as we head into each season.

For reference:

College boys are typically asked to complete each section of this test in 50 seconds.

College girls are typically asked to complete each section of this test in 60 seconds.

We are asking our girls to complete each section of this test in 80 seconds.

Tryouts and Team Placement

Some notes regarding tryouts and team placement.