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Tryouts will take place on February 28th, 29th, and March 1st. If we have 55+ players a C-Team will be made and we will have 3 teams. If we do not have that many players tryout, we will have to make cuts and we will only put together a JV team and a Varsity team.

Please note that just because you have participated in any or all of the pre-season workouts, drop-ins, indoor team leagues, etc., that it does not guarantee you a spot in the program or on a specific team.

Throughout tryouts, players will be called over by coaches either individually or in small groups to be invited to a team level. It is then on the player to accept the invitation to join the team they are offered. During this time, coaches will provide feedback to the player and have discussions with them. We collaborate as coaches intensively about where to place players, so please know that it is a team effort and a lot goes into our decision making process. If you are interested in learning more about tryouts and team placement, please read our "Girls Handbook."

On the first day of tryouts, players will participate in the "120 Fitness Test." This test shows coaches where a player's fitness level is at and helps us to make evaluations. See details of the 120 Fitness Test below.

120 Fitness test

Players will have 25 seconds to sprint end line to end line (120 yards), and then they will have 65 seconds to jog back to the original starting line. This means they have a total of 1 minute and 30 seconds to sprint to one side of the field, and jog back to the original starting line. If they have any remaining time left over from their sprint, they can use it to rest until the next 120 yard sprint begins. They will be expected to complete 10 of these 120 yard sprints, each within 1 minute and 30 seconds. The sprint portion of the 120 must be completed in 25 seconds or less each run.

If a player does not return to the line by the start of the next 120, they will be done with the test and their completed numbers of 120s will be recorded. 

Practicing and training for this test is highly recommended!

Girls wanting to be considered for Varsity positions are expected to pass at least all 10 120s.

Why the 120 Fitness Test?

Most colleges use the 120 Fitness Test (or an equivalent test) for their programs. It tests players' speed and endurance, and allows coaches to see where players stack up in regards to their fellow squad-mates.

For reference:

College girls are typically asked to complete 10 120s with each 120 of the test being completed in 60 seconds. (20 seconds down, 40 seconds back)

We are asking our girls to complete 10 120s with each 120 of the test being completed in 90 seconds. That is an additional 5 minutes to complete the test.

orange cards

Players must turn in an Orange Card to Coach Deitz before they tryout and/or play for the program. Orange cards are due on the first day of tryouts. This is a district-wide policy and no exceptions can be made for players that do not obtain an Orange Card.

Please follow this link to the FCHS athletics page to learn how to obtain an Orange Card:

Students are allowed to get orange cards before school, during lunch, or after school.  Please do not send them down during class even if they have a pass. They will be sent back to class without their orange card.

PRACTICEs: Mon.-fri. 4:20-6:00

Practice will take place Monday-Friday from 4:20-6:00 each day that we are not scheduled for a game. Players are expected to be ready to play by 4:20. If you plan to be late, please contact your coach via phone call, text, email, or using the Band App.

Location: Varsity & JV will practice on the turf field, C team will practice at the cage field (just north of turf field).